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Raising the value of Vietnamese agriculture

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Digital Agriculture COOPERATIVE


Agricultural Cooperative No. would like to send to customers respectful greetings and desire to cooperate in the spirit of companionship and sharing. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products / services at reasonable cost and volunteering to accompany customers on the way to success!

Digital Agriculture is a cooperative that owns a staff of young, passionate, enthusiastic, and especially a convergence of people with knowledge, aspirations and love for agriculture. Our unit operates in the field of Information Technology and High Technology application for Agriculture, always at the forefront of economic cooperation, supporting producers to improve product value. Coming into operation in September 2016, is the period when Vietnam starts the wave of start-ups, innovation and approach to the industrial revolution 4.0. Along with many issues related to food safety and hygiene, sustainable agricultural production, high value for society, poses challenges for producers, state management agencies as well as businesses / cooperatives operating in the field. There are many new demands from agriculture and consumers to adapt to the modern agriculture "agriculture 4.0". Digital Agriculture was born with the mission of serving customers with the best service, offering the most useful solutions to solve problems that actually poses for Vietnam's agriculture sector. 2016 is also the year the Digital Agriculture brand name was officially protected by the Department of Intellectual Property, with the mission of "Raising the value of Vietnamese agriculture.

As a unit organized in the form of a cooperative, but with an innovative business mindset, Digital Agriculture always requires cooperative members to provide the best products / services for cooperatives as well as customers. Currently, Digital Agriculture focuses on the fields serving agriculture: Application of information technology (Traceability system, farming log recording system, control equipment system, monitoring production monitoring, ...); Mobile application development; Consulting on implementing IoT (Internet of things) system in High-Tech agriculture; Building and developing brands of agricultural products; Consulting production according to domestic and foreign standards (VietGAP, GlobalGAP, HACCP, ISO ...); Connecting commodity markets; Consulting and implementing information technology programs; value chain consulting for agricultural products ...

With a team of high quality personnel, professional working process, Digital Agriculture always desires with customers "Towards a sustainable, safe and high value agriculture".

Đội ngũ nhân sự

Tập hợp đội ngũ nhân sự có chuyên môn, trình độ cao, có tình yêu với nông nghiệp, điều đã làm nên thành công của Nông nghiệp Số như ngày hôm nay.

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Xây dựng thành công hệ sinh thái gắn kết "Nhà sản xuất - Nhà nước - Nhà khoa học - Nhà phân phối" thành hệ thống chuỗi giá trị có kiểm soát chặt chẽ, minh bạch và toàn trình.

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Tạo nên những sản phẩm, dịch vụ có chất lượng tối ưu, mang lại sự hài lòng cho khách hàng ở mức độ cao nhất